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Staff Augmentation

Whether in need of reinforcements to keep projects on track, or testing a team’s size and skill level, staff augmentation allows companies to scale up or down according to their needs. Having non-permanent workers from a trusted partner allows them to focus on the management of the project, without worrying about staffing.

This staffing method complements existing teams with specific talent, enhancing business capabilities or filling gaps left by members on extended leave. Staff augmentation is the right solution for companies in the following circumstances:

  • The company has just committed to a new project, but the current staff is already working at capacity.

  • The company needs to replace a specialized employee who has taken extended leave.

  • The company doesn’t currently offer a specialized skill required for a project. Support is needed to train the company’s current team, and bring its staff members up to speed on new technologies.

  • The company must expand its ServiceNow team but isn’t sure by how much or in which positions. Staff augmentation allows businesses the chance to test their team sizes and skill levels to find the best fit.

  • The company encountering problems hiring the right people for the job, and must temporarily hire someone else to fill the gap.

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